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NPI Data Services is one of the leading Healthcare data provider companies in the USA. Get access to a comprehensive dataset of US healthcare providers through our REST API web services. Our healthcare provider database is comprehensive, up-to-date and consists of more than 7.0 million National Provider Identifier (NPI) records of healthcare individual and organization providers, which includes all U.S physicians, hospitals and other care providers. We have combined and exposed the NPPES NPI data, PECOS Medicare Enrolment data and LEIE Exclusion data through REST API web services and it is linked by Medicare enrolled providers' PAC ID, enrolment ID and NPI.

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What is Healthcare Provider Data REST API?

We provide the following 6 REST APIs that can be queried by passing NPPES NPI, Medicare PAC ID, Medicare Enrolment ID, Provider Name or Taxonomy Code as request parameter(s), and it instantly returns the provider data in JSON key value pair format with NPPES NPI data (demographic details, specialty, license and other ids), Medicare enrolled provider data, and LEIE exclusion data (provided only when NPI presents in LEIF exclusion list), and it provides the linkage for NPPES NPI, Medicare enrolled providers' PAC ID and Enrolment ID for Medicare enrolled providers.

An API key is required to use the REST API, it is very easy and quick to receive a free API KEY. Signup for Free Trial, and get an API KEY via e-mail in few seconds. It is extremely easy to try and learn more about our Healthcare Provider Data web services by visiting our REST API web interface.

How to use the web service?



Request Parameter(s)


findbyNPIId NPI web service NPI Download Response layout
findbyPACId PECOS ID web service PECOS PAC ID
findbyPACENRLId Provider Enrolment ID web service PECOS ENRLMT ID
findOrganizationByName Organization Provider Name web Service ORG_NAME & ZIP_CODE
findIndividualProviderByName Individual Provider Name web service FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME & ZIP_CODE
findProvidersByTaxonomyCode Taxonomy Code web service ENTITY_TYPE_CODE, TAXONOMY_CODE & ZIP_CODE

An annual subscription for our reliable provider data web service is cost-effective and convenient to use. It gives you access to a defined number of daily hits for one whole year. Any unused daily hits will expire at the end of the day. We will pro-rate for the current month and extend the subscription for 12 months. Payment is made in advance. Your subscription may be cancelled at any time with no refund policy and your current subscription will expire at the end of expiry date. For example: If you subscribed on March 12th, the subscription package will end on April 30th next year. The pro-rate will be based on the annual subscription rate.

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Duration 1-month12-months12-months
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Custom Data Requirements & Support

Do you have custom data structure or layout requirements? We can help. All you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. If you have any question, email us or use our contact us page, you will get a response within 2-business days.