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Searching for a reliable NPI database of healthcare providers in the US? Well, you have come to the right place. As a leading healthcare database provider in the US, we believe that it is very important for you to have complete information regarding the healthcare providers. We splendidly offer an extensive database that includes a state-wise dataset containing the detailed data of healthcare providers for a specific state (50 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico) separately. Being a NPI healthcare database provider, we provide state-wise healthcare provider data to our clients at very reasonable rates. We are the Healthcare database provider in USA who updates the healthcare provider database every month using reliable data sources, and this data is available in the form of commonly used CSV file format. Many of our customers use our data as Healthcare Marketing Database which is made available in the form of an easy-to-use and easy-to-access CSV file format. Our team has worked to provide flattened data layout making us a proud healthcare database provider. NPI Data we have gathered is provided in the format so you can use it easily and quickly.

Our healthcare provider database contains more than 7.0 million provider records of healthcare individual and organization providers. As a Healthcare data provider, our entire provider dataset links Medicare enrolled providers' PAC ID, enrolment ID and NPI in a very easy-to-understand and easy-to-use data format.

Sample Data

Data Model and Layout

As a trusted NPI data provider in USA, we provide the healthcare provider data state-wise in easy-to-use CSV file format and it can be put in use immediately.

  • Simplified data model is provided using 9 data files - entity_type.csv, people.csv, organization.csv, taxonomy.csv, otherid.csv, medicare_enrlmt.csv, location.csv, other_orgname.csv, and medicare_sec_specialty.csv.
  • Each record in entity_type.csv file has a matching NPI record either in people.csv or in organization.csv. If a record in entity_type.csv has entity_type_cd as 1, it should have a data record in people.csv. If a record in entity_type.csv has entity_type_cd as 2, it should have a data record in organization.csv.
  • Each record in entity_type.csv has a PECOS flag (in_pecos) to indicate if it is part of PECOS file, and also has a LEIE flag (in_leie) to indicate if it is part recent LEIE exclusion file. In addition, each record in entity_type.csv has the linkage to PECOS PAC ID and Enrolment ID, so linking NPI Data with PECOS data and vice versa are quick and easier across all files.
  • Each record in entity_type.csv that has in_pecos flag as “Y” will have a matching Medicare Provider Enrolment data in medicare_enrlmt.csv
  • Our entity_type.csv has the linkage to LEIE exclusions.csv using NPI. To perform further validations, the entire exclusions.csv is provided.
  • Each provider record in entity_type.csv links up to 15 matching records in Taxonomies file (taxonomy.csv).
  • Each healthcare provider record in entity_type.csv links up to 50 records in Other IDs file (otherid.csv).
  • Each provider’s primary practice address, secondary practice address and business mailing address with the corresponding telephone and fax numbers are provided in Locations file (location.csv).
  • Each provider record in organization.csv has first Other Name, while other_orgname.csv contains all additional Other Organization Names.
  • Each record in medicare_sec_specialty.csv contains a unique listing of Enrolment ID and secondary speciality information pairs, for practitioner and DME supplier enrolments. This file can be linked to the entity_type.csv file using Enrolment ID or NPI.
Data Model
File Name Field Name Description Data Type Size

Data Delivery

After successfully completing the payment process, the most current provider data files will be extracted and compressed and made available in the zip file format immediately for download . In case you missed to download, log in to your account and access the purchased files in the “Downloads” section under the “Account” menu.

Subscribe & Download

When you choose our state-wise healthcare provider data, we offer one-time purchase and download, which means you can download the current data one time. To buy our state-wise US provider data, choose the one or more states below that fits your need, and click the corresponding ‘Add to Cart’ button below. Contact us if you have any questions.

Product Name

Product Price

File Size in MB Records Count

Purchase Link

Alaska State Provider Data $250 6.23 29457
Alabama State Provider Data $250 12.90 76385
Arkansas State Provider Data $250 12.17 79325
Arizona State Provider Data $250 20.51 140152
California State Provider Data $250 109.84 909844
Colorado State Provider Data $250 21.21 151986
Connecticut State Provider Data $250 13.95 87556
District of Columbia Provider Data $250 7.23 41152
Delaware State Provider Data $250 5.87 22392
Florida State Provider Data $250 67.21 504689
Georgia State Provider Data $250 27.34 187082
Hawaii Provider Data $250 6.91 33014
Iowa State Provider Data $250 9.90 52638
Idaho State Provider Data $250 7.78 37038
Illinois State Provider Data $250 38.23 277897
Indiana State Provider Data $250 17.86 116132
Kansas State Provider Data $250 10.43 59106
Kentucky State Provider Data $250 15.23 95445
Louisiana State Provider Data $250 15.93 106572
Massachusetts State Provider Data $250 28.85 220494
Maryland State Provider Data $250 22.57 157729
Maine State Provider Data $250 7.65 37100
Michigan State Provider Data $250 34.97 271835
Minnesota State Provider Data $250 19.32 130524
Missouri State Provider Data $250 18.71 122725
Mississippi State Provider Data $250 9.09 47748
Montana State Provider Data $250 6.22 24448
North Carolina State Provider Data $250 31.79 219488
North Dakota State Provider Data $250 5.54 20803
Nebraska State Provider Data $250 8.40 44569
New Hampshire State Provider Data $250 7.20 34048
New Jersey State Provider Data $250 27.29 190913
New Mexico State Provider Data $250 9.41 55516
Nevada State Provider Data $250 12.24 88294
New York State Provider Data $250 70.36 562560
Ohio State Provider Data $250 41.08 317127
Oklahoma State Provider Data $250 13.60 94031
Oregon State Provider Data $250 16.95 122695
Pennsylvania State Provider Data $250 41.01 292662
Puerto Rico Provider Data $250 9.25 48427
Rhode Island State Provider Data $250 7.88 36207
South Carolina State Provider Data $250 14.45 90710
South Dakota State Provider Data $250 5.55 19179
Tennessee State Provider Data $250 21.37 140970
Texas State Provider Data $250 67.55 492831
Utah State Provider Data $250 11.04 73765
Virginia State Provider Data $250 23.61 157885
Vermont State Provider Data $250 5.12 15270
Washington State Provider Data $250 26.82 199870
Wisconsin State Provider Data $250 17.93 120490
West Virginia State Provider Data $250 9.18 61225
Wyoming State Provider Data $250 4.85 15056

Custom Data Requirements & Support

Do you have provider data requirements with custom structure or layout? Do you want us to deliver the data in Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx), Microsoft Access file or any other file type? Do you want to subscribe for 1-year or 2-years? We can help. All you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. If you email us or use our contact us page, you will get a response within 2-business days.