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Provider Data

Quickly access reliable and accurate healthcare provider data from the NPI Database available in easy-to-use formats for direct import into any database. Utilize comprehensive National Provider Identifier (NPI) data, sourced directly, and simplified from NPPES NPI Registry and other data sources.

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Risk Adjustment Tools

Get accurate and reliable Medicare HCC Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score in three simplified methods, a user-friendly web interface for HCC RAF Score Analysis, HCC RAF Batch Scoring tool for large set of data, and HCC RAF Score REST API to integrate with any third-party apps very easily and quickly.

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Integrate and get healthcare provider data from the NPPES Registry and calculate HCC Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores in real time. Effortlessly access provider data and get the accurate RAF score using REST APIs. Optimize your process by integrating the data from the NPI Database effortlessly in real-time.

Optimize Risk Adjustment Workflows with our Medicare HCC RAF Tools

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Medicare HCC RAF Score Analysis

Get accurate HCC RAF score analysis with just a few clicks! Our product allows you to easily input diagnosis codes and demographic information, and receive a comprehensive analysis of your score. Sign up now to enjoy the full benefits of our tool!

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Medicare HCC RAF Batch Scoring

Effortlessly get RAF scores for a batch of diagnosis codes with our easy-to-use tool! Our product simplifies the process of analyzing large numbers of patients, saving you time and improving your workflow. Try it out now and see the results for yourself!

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Medicare HCC RAF Score Web Service

Calculate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores effortlessly and in real time. Analyze patient’s demographic and diagnosis data with ease, ensuring accurate RAF score calculation. Try it now and revolutionize your HCC medical coding process!

Explore Our Extensive Range of Healthcare Provider Data Solutions

Complete US Provider Data

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Up-to-date data of US healthcare individual and organizational providers with National Provider Identifier number, including legal entity, locations, taxonomies, and other identifiers, which is refreshed every month.

Medicare Enrolled Provider Data

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Monthly updated Medicare Enrolled Provider Data linked with NPI Data from the NPPES database in a user-friendly format and it includes key identifiers from PECOS and LEIE, locations, specialties, and contact details.

State-wise Provider Data

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National Provider Identifier (NPI) Database and it is as submitted to the NPPES database by Healthcare Providers for 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. Provider data is available in CSV format.

Clinical Specialty-wise Provider Data

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Healthcare provider data split by specialty, and it is available for dentists, home care, physicians, caregiving nurses, pharmacists, chiropractic, podiatric, respiratory, speech, vision providers and DME suppliers.

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Meet your healthcare data requirements with access to reliable provider data sourced from the NPI Registry, covering hospitals, physicians, nurses, and various healthcare organizations and individuals.

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