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Are you searching for a reliable NPI database company that provides comprehensive information on healthcare providers within a specific state in the United States?

As a leading healthcare database provider in the US, we understand the importance of having complete and accurate data on NPI database for healthcare providers. That's why we proudly offer an extensive state-wise dataset, containing detailed information on healthcare providers for each state, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico, all conveniently organized and easily accessible.

As a dedicated NPI database for healthcare provider, we strive to deliver high-quality data, sourced from many data sources including provider NPI registry, to our clients at reasonable rates. Our team diligently updates the NPI database for healthcare provider every month, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date data, and it is made available in a commonly used CSV file format, which many of our customers utilize as a Healthcare Marketing Database.

Sample Data

Simplified Data Model and Layout

Our healthcare provider national NPI database comprises over 7.0 million individual and organizational provider records. Let’s take a closer look at our data model and layout:

  • Entity Type.csv:

    This foundational file differentiates between individual providers (entity_type_cd = 1) and organizational providers (entity_type_cd = 2), serving as the basis for our data model.
  • People.csv:

    This file contains essential information about individual healthcare providers, linking their NPI with other relevant details.
  • Organization.csv:

    Organization.csv provides comprehensive information about healthcare organizations, linking their NPI with relevant data points.
  • Taxonomy.csv:

    Each provider record in Entity Type.csv is associated with up to 15 matching records in the Taxonomy.csv file. This file offers important information about the specialties and classifications of healthcare providers, enabling you to understand their clinical specialties. An NPI lookup can be performed on the dataset.
  • OtherID.csv:

    To provide a comprehensive profile of healthcare providers, each provider record in Entity Type.csv can link up to 50 records in OtherID.csv. This file includes additional identification numbers or codes associated with providers, giving you a deeper understanding of their affiliations and memberships.
  • Medicare_Enrlmt.csv:

    This file contains Medicare enrollment data of healthcare providers. If a record in Entity Type.csv has the "in_pecos" flag, you can find the corresponding provider’s Medicare enrollment data in this file, providing insights into Medicare-specific information.
  • Location.csv:

    Accurate and up-to-date information about healthcare provider addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers can be found in this file. The primary practice address, secondary practice address, and business mailing address of each provider are included.
  • Other_Orgname.csv:

    This file includes additional organization names associated with providers, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of healthcare organizations, including any alternative or previous names they might have used.
  • Medicare_Sec_Specialty.csv:

    Specifically for practitioner and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier enrollments, this file provides a unique listing of Enrolment ID and secondary specialty information pairs. You can link this file to the Entity Type.csv using the Enrolment ID or NPI, gaining valuable insights into the specialties of providers.
Data Model
Record Layout

Data Delivery

Once you successfully complete the payment process, you will have immediate access to our most current NPI database. The data files will be instantly extracted, compressed, and made available for download in a zip file format. In case you miss the initial download, you can conveniently log in to your account and access the purchased files in the "Downloads" section under the "Account" menu.

Sample data, Data model, and record layout for state-wise healthcare provider data are available for download. Use the respective button above to download or view the same.

Subscribe & Download

When you choose our state-wise healthcare provider data from our NPI database, we offer a one-time purchase and download option to access our NPI Data, sourced from many reliable data sources including NPPES NPI Registry. You can download the NPI database of the USA split into state-wise. To acquire our state-wise provider NPI database, simply select the desired state or states that meet your requirements and click the corresponding "Add to Cart" button below. Choose our reliable healthcare NPI database USA state-wise and gain access to state-wise NPI data that will empower your healthcare research, analysis, and marketing efforts.

Product Name

Product Price

File Size in MB Records Count

Purchase Link

Alaska State Data $250 6.45 30855
Alabama State Data $250 13.36 80149
Arkansas State Data $250 12.62 82816
Arizona State Data $250 21.47 148314
California State Data $250 113.78 967103
Colorado State Data $250 22.22 161653
Connecticut State Data $250 14.32 91271
District of Columbia Data $250 7.60 44210
Delaware State Data $250 6.09 23372
Florida State Data $250 70.15 536871
Georgia State Data $250 28.50 198208
Hawaii Data $250 7.19 34890
Iowa State Data $250 10.20 54923
Idaho State Data $250 8.15 39212
Illinois State Data $250 39.20 288974
Indiana State Data $250 18.58 121701
Kansas State Data $250 10.78 61799
Kentucky State Data $250 15.72 99723
Louisiana State Data $250 16.40 111221
Massachusetts State Data $250 29.49 229353
Maryland State Data $250 23.50 167765
Maine State Data $250 7.94 38779
Michigan State Data $250 36.24 289412
Minnesota State Data $250 20.10 138627
Missouri State Data $250 19.41 128528
Mississippi State Data $250 9.35 49601
Montana State Data $250 6.45 25539
North Carolina State Data $250 33.07 230613
North Dakota State Data $250 5.77 22221
Nebraska State Data $250 8.74 47480
New Hampshire State Data $250 7.47 35790
New Jersey State Data $250 28.16 200003
New Mexico State Data $250 9.74 58035
Nevada State Data $250 12.93 95925
New York State Data $250 71.28 582886
Ohio State Data $250 42.81 337795
Oklahoma State Data $250 14.07 99433
Oregon State Data $250 17.58 128436
Pennsylvania State Data $250 42.00 303419
Puerto Rico Data $250 9.51 50437
Rhode Island State Data $250 8.01 37058
South Carolina State Data $250 15.04 95475
South Dakota State Data $250 5.74 19897
Tennessee State Data $250 22.14 147374
Texas State Data $250 69.79 517944
Utah State Data $250 11.57 78513
Virginia State Data $250 24.61 166473
Vermont State Data $250 5.30 15949
Washington State Data $250 27.80 210719
Wisconsin State Data $250 18.51 124979
West Virginia State Data $250 9.66 67164
Wyoming State Data $250 5.02 15574

Custom Data Requirements & Support

Do you have provider data requirements with a custom structure or layout? Do you want us to deliver the data in a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx), Microsoft Access file, or any other file type? Do you want to subscribe for 1 year or 2 years? We can help. All you have to do is to contact us and tell us your requirements. If you email us or use our contact us page, you will get a response within 2 business days.