Target Your Reach and Boost ROI: Tap into Clinical Specialty-Wise Healthcare Marketing Database for USA Companies in Healthcare Industry.

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Are you in search of a reliable data provider that offers comprehensive Healthcare Provider Database Solutions for specific clinical specialties to meet your needs for healthcare marketing database?

NPI Data Services presents clinical specialty-wise US provider data, a vast collection of specialized healthcare providers, including physician database, nurses, dentists, pharmacy market, care providers, therapists, and more. Whether you require standard provider data or have custom data needs, we offer a wide range of data management services to cater to your requirements and for healthcare marketing databases.

Our Clinical NPI Data Solutions are not only credible but also readily available at your fingertips for healthcare marketing database needs. Our database is updated monthly, ensuring that our users have access to fresh and up-to-date data so that they can fulfill their healthcare marketing database requirements.

Sample Data

Following Speciality-wise Providers data are provided separately:

Physicians Nursing providers
Vision providers Dental providers
Pharmacy providers Home Care providers
Behavioural Health & Social Service Providers Chiropractic Providers
Dietary & Nutritional Service Providers Physician Asst. & Adv. Practice Nursing
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Service Respiratory Dev. Rehab. & Restore. Service
Speech Language and Hearing Service Providers Suppliers - Blood & Eye bank, DMEs, Imaging, Prosthetic/Orthotic, Hearing aid and Eyewear

Simplified Data Model and Layout

To facilitate efficient data analysis and utilization of the healthcare marketing database, we have developed a structured and optimized data model and layout, enhancing your experience. Here's an overview of our data files for your requirements of healthcare marketing database:

  • Entity Type.csv:

    This foundational file links each record to either people.csv or organization.csv based on the entity type code. The National Provider Identifier (NPI) serves as a unique identifier across the dataset.
  • PECOS and LEIE Flags:

    Entity Type.csv includes flags such as PECOS and LEIE, providing valuable information about the provider's Medicare enrollment and the involvement in recent LEIE exclusion files. These flags offer insights into the providers' status and eligibility.
  • Integration with Other Files:

    Our data model enables seamless integration and linkage across various files, facilitating quick and easy access to related data points. The NPI acts as a key linkage between entity_type.csv, Medicare enrolled providers' PAC ID, and enrollment ID.
  • Taxonomies and Other IDs:

    Each provider record in entity_type.csv is associated with up to 15 matching records in the Taxonomies file (taxonomy.csv), offering detailed information about the provider's specialties and classifications. In addition to it, up to 50 records in the Other IDs file (otherid.csv) provide comprehensive identification and categorization.
  • Locations and Other Organization Names:

    The Locations file (location.csv) presents primary and secondary practice addresses, along with business mailing addresses, telephone, and fax numbers. The Other OrgName.csv file contains additional organization names, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of provider entity information.
  • Medicare Specialty Information:

    The medicare_sec_specialty.csv file contains Enrolment ID and secondary specialty information pairs for practitioners and DME suppliers. This file can be linked with entity_type.csv using Enrolment ID or NPI.

Our clinical specialty-wise healthcare provider data offers a detailed breakdown of various healthcare specialties, allowing you to target your marketing efforts effectively. Whether you're focused on dentist NPI, pharmacy market, physician database, mental health professionals, or any other specific provider specialties data, our healthcare marketing database provides you with comprehensive and up-to-date data for your healthcare marketing database and initiatives.

Data Model
Record Layout

Data Delivery

Once you successfully complete the payment process, you will have immediate access to our most current NPI database to meet your needs for healthcare marketing database for pharmacy market, physician database, mental health professionals, or any other specific provider specialties data. The data files will be instantly extracted, compressed, and made available for download in a zip file format. In case you miss the initial download, you can conveniently log in to your account and access the purchased files in the "Downloads" section under the "Account" menu.

Sample data, Data model, and record layout for clinical specialty-wise healthcare provider data are available for download. Use the respective button above to download or view the same.

Subscribe & Download

When you choose our clinical specialty-wise healthcare provider data for your healthcare marketing database requirements, we offer a convenient one-time purchase and download option. This means you can download the current data one time.

Experience the services from Specialty-wise Healthcare Marketing Database Company by NPI Data Services and unlock new opportunities for targeted healthcare marketing data campaigns.

Product Name

Product Price

File Size in MB Records Count

Purchase Link

Physicians Provider Data $300 253.07 1488091
Nursing Provider Data $300 52.86 467529
Vision Provider Data $300 19.36 107593
Dental Provider Data $300 50.58 377057
Pharmacy Provider Data $300 52.69 422507
Home Care Provider Data $300 24.80 180330
Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers Data $300 210.91 1860877
Chiropractic Providers $300 25.33 157225
Dietary & Nutritional Service Providers $300 11.98 72127
Physician Asst. & Adv. Practice Nursing Providers $300 129.79 783300
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Service Providers $300 9.64 37716
Respiratory Dev. Rehab. & Restore. Service Providers $300 88.08 701832
Speech Language and Hearing Service Providers $300 32.11 245597
Suppliers - Blood & Eye bank, DME, Imaging, Prosthetic/Orthotic, Hearingaid and Eyewear $300 18.91 108520

Custom Data Requirements & Support

Do you have provider data requirements for healthcare marketing data with a custom structure or layout? Do you want us to deliver the data in a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx), Microsoft Access file, or any other file type? Do you want to subscribe for 1 year or 2-years? We can help. All you have to do is to contact us and tell us your requirements. If you email us or use our contact us page, you will get a response within 2 business days.