Data Questions:

Q) How will I receive the purchased provider data or Provider e-Directory?

A) To download the purchased provider data or Provider e-Directory, log in to your account, navigate to “Account” menu and then to “Downloads” section.

Q) How often the data are updated?

A) When our data sources update their data, our data will be updated within one business day in most cases.

Q) Do you inform me when the updated files are available?

A) Yes, we send out a courtesy e-mail to our customers if you have subscribed for our 1-year or 2-years subscription plan.

Q) How many times will I be able to download the purchased data or e-Directory?

A) You will be able to download the purchased Provider data or e-Directory as many times as you need from "Downloads" section under Accounts" Menu

Payment Questions:

Q) What credit cards do you accept?

A) We process the payments thru stripe payment gateway, and so most of the payment methods are accepted.

Q) Does price is inclusive of taxes?

A) Yes, our product price is inclusive of any applicable taxes.

Q) Can you sell with purchase orders?

A) No. At this time, we can deliver the data and services only after you making successful payment through our website.

Q) Do you ship the data thru CD or DVD?

A) Sorry, we don't do any shipment at this time.

Q) Do you ship the data thru secured FTP or AWS S3 bucket?

A) Yes we can do it. It may incur additional cost depending on your needs. Pls. send your requirements.

Web services Questions:

Q) When will I receive the access details for web services?

A) API key to access the web service will be emailed immediately after the purchase process is successful.

Q) Can I renew my webservice access?

A) Yes, You can renew the Provider data webservice access before it expires. After the renewal, you have the option to continue using the same API key.

Q) Do you have free web service?

A) Yes. Trial web service is a free for 1 month. On request, it may be extended for another one month for legitimate reasons.

Support Question:

Q) What is your technical support model?

A) Technical support is available via e-mail. You will receive a response from one of our representatives within two business days.