CMS HCC RAF Score Analysis Tool for Pre-Retrospective Coding Click to edit
CMS HCC RAF Score Analysis Tool for Pre-Retrospective Coding
Sample Data: C9200,D66,G8250,G7001,E1152,E849,E1122,N185,E7402,I5023 Use this!
S.No ICD 10 CM Code Validation Flag HCC Value Diagnosis Description Delete Record
Category Current Year Current Year + Last Year
RAF Score MA Payment RAF Score MA Payment

Make your retrospective chart reviews more efficient and effective with our RAF Score Analysis Tool for Medicare Risk Adjustment.

This RAF Score tool assists with retrospective coding, this powerful tool is your key to ensuring no eligible charts are missed out from HCC review.

Medical charts often contain multiple DOS (Data of Service), and our tool for Risk Adjustment streamlines the HCC retrospective review process, whether it's done quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

With just a few clicks, you can easily identify if the diagnosis codes from the current year and previous year's claims will have revenue opportunities and if they can be sent for Risk Adjustment coding.

We understand that current year new diagnoses may interact with previous year diagnosis codes. Determining the exact revenue impact with the interactions among diagnosis codes across years is critical for making confident decisions about whether the chart should be sent for HCC retrospective review or simply ignored.

The RAF Score Analysis Tool for Medicare Risk Adjustment leverages advanced algorithms and performs data analysis to calculate the Revenue Adjustment Factor (RAF) score and revenue impact for each chart.

Key Features:

Precise Revenue Impact Analysis:

Our tool for Medicare Risk Adjustment accurately calculates the RAF score with revenue impacts, enabling you to identify and prioritize charts that may significantly impact your revenue.

Confident Decision Making:

Armed with RAF score insights for Medicare Risk Adjustment, you can confidently determine whether to send a chart for HCC review or focus on other revenue-critical tasks.

Seamless Integration:

The RAF Score Analysis Tool for Medicare Risk Adjustment seamlessly integrates with your existing coding workflow, allowing for smooth and quick adoption.

The tool processes each diagnosis code (ICD10) along with corresponding flags, Last_Year or Current_Year, to indicate the respective year to which the ICD10 belongs.

Upgrade your retrospective coding process today with our RAF Score Analysis Tool and optimize your revenue cycle management.

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