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How To Evaluate Healthcare Data Providers In the US

The demand for reliable healthcare data has exceeded all expectations, driven by the big data tidal wave. Apart from many other factors, the complex nature of healthcare data is perplexing as it spreads over different categories. The presence of Healthcare Database Provider Companies in the USA is a driving force to reduce Healthcare data complexity. The availability of a database of healthcare providers has become easy with the help of processed healthcare database solutions.

What Is Healthcare Provider Data?

The US healthcare provider data is a complete list of healthcare service providers, including individual and organizational providers, categorized as per customers' service requirements across various health disciplines. The data service provided by the Healthcare data providers includes monthly updated state-wise, specialty-wise, and Medicare-enrolled providers, making it easy for clients looking for healthcare services. Few data providers have exposed the Healthcare provider data in REST API web service.

Why It Is Important

Up-to-date healthcare provider data is integral for healthcare providers and medical insurance companies to offer clients cost-effective, efficient, and quality services. Accurate provider data with names of the physician, their service location with other information such as patient identification data, patient insurance data, diagnosis details, CPT codes, attending provider, operating provider, rendering provider details, place of service code, facility details, and billing provider details will ensure timely claim settlements and ease up the task of service providers.

Find A Competent Healthcare Data Provider

Incompetent and non-reliable healthcare data is a piece of information without any value. Since the healthcare industry depends on accurate data that can precisely feed information regarding the healthcare segments and states, healthcare service providers always search for dependable healthcare data providers. The dependability revolves around updated data in an easy-to-use format, quality service, customer support, and seamless access to updated data information.

Narrow Down The Selection Process

How do you select a suitable Healthcare data provider? If you know the types of services offered by the healthcare data provider and their price and terms, then the primary part of the selection process is over. The next stage is to evaluate their data model.

  • Review The Data Model:
  • You may have a specific data model for your system, where you must import the data. You may be looking for a specific set of data attributes. So, you need to find a data provider who can customize the data to your requirement or look for ready-made data with a data model closest to your needs. In this case, you should be prepared for some in-house reformatting of the data before importing the data. The data provider must also share data processing procedures, sources of data, and methods to make the data accurate and target data model with their clients.

  • Accessibility: Customer service and accessibility to technical support are considered the best data provider quality.

  • Cost: Fair pricing must sync with quality service and be affordable. The quality is related to the cost, but there should be no hidden charges. A data sheet with printed prices and service charges will help the client assess the data provider's service.

  • Reputation: Overall image of the healthcare data provider depends on the data provider's reputation and how long they have been in the data business.

  • Frequency of update: It is another vital aspect to consider while assessing the data provider's credibility. The updated information must always be available.

  • Sample Data and Data Model: Availability of sample data and data layout quickly for the evaluation process is critical

  • Custom data formats: The data provider should be flexible in working with customers to understand the custom data requirements and turn them around quickly at a reasonable cost.

  • Ease of purchase and download process: Any data purchase term with sample data and a fair return policy is always better than paying blindly. The purchase process should be easy, and data should be downloadable immediately. Further, the data must be available in ready-to-use format and easy to download. It must also have periodical update features.

Final Thoughts

According to the NHE fact sheet by, US healthcare spending is poised to grow at an average rate of 5.4 percent for 2019-2028. It is expected to touch $6.2 trillion in 2028, giving enough scope for data service providers with the latest technology. Only a professionally managed healthcare data provider with state-of-the-art technology can cater to the demand for healthcare services providers and insurance companies.