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Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Companies in the US

The healthcare industry is no longer a simple business of treating patients in medical practitioners' offices. It has become a multibillion-dollar industry fueled by new advancements in medicine and technology that require meaningful marketing solutions to help spread their messages. To ensure the best possible result for your healthcare business, it's crucial to partner with one of the top 10 healthcare marketing companies in the US–, experienced professionals who can provide strategic consumer engagement services while always adhering to compliance regulations. This blog will explore some of the US's Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Companies.

1. CDM London Healthcare Marketing Agency

CDM London is a healthcare data marketing company with up to 200 workers in the city of London. This firm has been recognized with many accolades, including Health Agency Network of the Year in 2015. They provide technical, human, psychological, and emotional characteristics of brands they market, emphasizing substance, creativity, passion, and elegance in all campaigns. In addition, the scientific, social, psychological, and cultural spheres are also under CDM London's care.

2. Viseven

Viseven is a world-renowned supplier of digitalization and healthcare data marketing solutions for the pharmacy and bio-sciences sectors, specializing in the MarTech stack from the climax. Globally, the top 100 pharmaceutical businesses rely on the business's marketing and promotion services. Their tools and services provide unified messaging across all your platforms, maximizing the impact of your MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) optimized metrics. They offer a multichannel approach, medical advertising campaigns, adaptable content transformation, or other strategies about the company's strategic planning. Viseven has over 200 Salesforce, Veeva, and IQVIA-accredited experts.

3. Harrison & Star

Harrison & Star is a healthcare data marketing firm in New York with a worldwide reach. Harrison & Star, LLC is one of 1,025 affiliated businesses. The company is part of the giant Omnicom Health Group, including numerous others. It is anticipated that $77.4 million will be earned annually in 2023. The firm's primary office is in New York, although there are other locations in London, Paris, and San Francisco. Many well-known pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Jazz, Pfizer, and Biogen, are their satisfied customers.

4. Accenture Interactive

Accenture Interactive is a division of the Fortune Global 500 corporation Accenture that specializes in digital experience and healthcare data marketing. The Advertising Age recognized it as the most expansive and rapidly growing digital marketing agency system in the United States and throughout the globe in 2019. What’s even more impressive is that it has been named the most significant digital company in the world for three consecutive years. The corporation has completed 27 deals and has completed 27 mergers and acquisitions in the past five years. The organization employs more than 477,000 employees to provide services to customers in more than 150 nations. Presently, the company's yearly sales are $808.8M.

5. Syneos Health

Syneos Health is one of the best Healthcare data Marketing companies on our list. The company was founded in 2017 when INC Research, publicly traded, bought inVentiv Health. More than 110 nations may make use of its extensive menu of medical outsourcing options. Syneos Health's overall revenue in 2020 was $4.42 billion.

6. Publicis Health or Public Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG)

When it comes to healthcare advertising, PHCG (formerly known as Publicis Health) is unrivaled in healthcare marketing companies. Midway through 2020, it will have 15 different agency brands across more than 40 locations in 10 other nations. The company's income increased by 16% in 2020, rising to $110 million from $95 million in 2019, while the number of employees rose from 498 to 527. Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, sometimes known as SSW, is a division of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG). Among the companies they've done work for are household names like Galderma, Procter & Gamble, and Xyzal.

7. Calcium Brand Nourishment

Calcium Brand Nourishment is a Californian-based American healthcare data marketing company with a revenue over $14.32 million annually. The agency environment at this organization is thriving because of the attention it receives in the areas of the head, the heart, and the stomach and exceptional healthcare marketing services. Calcium's "nourishing" effects are needed now more than ever. On top of that, they have been named Agency of the Year eight times. Even better, they supported The Great American Milk Drive throughout the pandemic.

8. The Interpublic Group of Companies or IPG

IPG is the fourth most prominent advertising holding firm in the world, known for its healthcare marketing services. IPG is a global leader in its field, with headquarters in New York City and over 100 offices across five continents. As a result, more than 75% of the firm's income comes from the Americas and Europe. It offers more than just the standard fare of marketing options. The organization also provides electronic and other solutions. Through its subsidies, Area 23 and FCB Health, the firm offers a comprehensive range of healthcare marketing services. It has won several prestigious advertising prizes year after year. Collectively, the company has been recognized as both the "Company of the Year" and the "Most Creative Team" by the industry publications Med Ad News and Medical Marketing & Media for several years. In 2023, IPG's subsidiaries FCB Health NY and Area are forecasted to generate $280 million and $150 million, respectively.

9. Ogilvy Health

Ogilvy Health, a subsidiary of the WPP Group, has been responsible for healthcare marketing services and groundbreaking advertising campaigns since 1948. In 2010, Ogilvy Healthworld and CommonHealth merged to establish the company. The company excels in brand marketing on a worldwide scale and has 132 offices in 83 different countries. The company got its start with Guinness as one of its initial clients. This business now has 132 offices in 83 different countries. Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) predicted the company's sales of $150 million.

10. Evoke Group

Founded in 2004, Evoke has become one of the world's most successful advertising, media, and PR firms, with headquarters in New York City. There are 137 different businesses under the Evoke Health LLC umbrella. To date, the firm has grown to employ 706 people in 10 locations throughout the world. They take pride in their partnerships with 18 of the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical corporations. In addition, Evoke is a part of the Huntsworth LLC family.


The healthcare industry is rapidly progressing as digital technology advances, and there are numerous healthcare marketing service options available. As a result, there is no shortage of options for those in need of healthcare marketing services. The ten healthcare marketing companies mentioned above are some of the most recognizable names in the field and have a proven track record. Effective healthcare marketing requires accurate healthcare provider data and the right healthcare marketing company.