Video Demos for RAF Score Tools

Medicare HCC RAF Score Analysis tool is web based and it helps to calculate RAF score and Medicare Advantage reimbursement instantly. It works on single patient chart and it requires NO PHI.

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Use This RAF Score Analysis Tool for Prospective Coding Reviews

Welcome to a comprehensive demonstration of our RAF Score Analysis Tool, especially for prospective coding reviews. Our RAF Score Analysis Tool is a game-changer for medical coders and provider organizations. It empowers you to select high-value charts and prioritize diagnosis codes, all while maintaining adherence to patient data privacy regulations...

You Need To Watch This Comprehensive Demo for RAF Score Batch Analysis Tool

You'll learn how to access the tool on our website, select from a range of risk models and factors, and seamlessly process your data. Furthermore, we'll demonstrate how to retrieve the output file, which neatly categorizes data into 'Billed', 'Billed + Missed,' 'Billed + Missed + New,' complete with RAF Scores, Medicare Advantage (MA) Payment details, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Codes, and insights into Disease Interactions...

You Need To Watch This Comprehensive Demo for RAF Score Batch Analysis Tool

Welcome to our video demo of the RAF Score Calculator, a web-based tool that streamlines the calculation of RAF scores and Medicare Advantage Payments. In this video, we will explore the capabilities of the RAF Score Calculator.We will offer a detailed demonstration of this tool's functionality in this video, and you will discover how it can simplify complex calculations and enhance your decision-making...

Your Step-by-Step Demo Guide to ICD-10 to HCC Crosswalk Tool

Welcome to our video demo on the ICD-10 to HCC Crosswalk tool, designed for healthcare professionals. This web-based tool serves as a vital resource for simplifying the translation of ICD-10 codes into the corresponding HCC codes.hese codes play a pivotal role in assessing a patient's health status and accurately predicting their healthcare costs. In this video, we're excited to take you through a comprehensive demonstration of the ICD-10 to HCC Crosswalk tool...

A Simple Guide to Use RAF Batch Score Analysis Tool to Select High Value for Prospective Reviews

Welcome to this video demo for our RAF Score Batch Scoring Tool for Prospective Coding Reviews. Join us for an in-depth guide of the RAF Batch Score Analysis tool for Pre-Prospective Coding Reviews.In this comprehensive video, we guide you through every aspect of this web-based tool designed to assist medical coders and provider organizations in selecting high-value charts and diagnosis codes for Prospective reviews, all without the need for PHI data....

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